Martina Franca

Martina Franca is a town in the province of Taranto in Puglia and is located on the south-eastern hills of the Murgia, 431 meters above sea level on the border of the provinces of Taranto, Brindisi and Bari.

Due to its geographical location, it offers tourists who decide to spend their holidays in Puglia an extraordinary view of the surrounding villages. On one side Locorotondo, Alberobello, Noci, Putignano, Castellana Grotte, Fasano, Cisterino, Ostuni, Ceglie and all other countries of the neighboring provinces of Bari and Brindisi, first, and the Adriatic Sea, later. The other the Ionian coast, the province of Taranto to the nearby Basilicata with Ionian Sea.

The urban planning of the old town of Martina Franca is characterized by houses built vertically with flat roofs and sloping, greek style, because of the mild climate and fresh.

Beautiful and characteristic alleys of the old town, with narrow streets full of “sharp”, blind alleys and hidden streets: a maze where you can walk admiring palaces and churches in baroque and rococo style, along with the beautiful Palazzo Ducale, built in 1668. Magnificent the Basilica of San Martino, completely restored recently. A few kilometers outside the city, interesting and enjoyable, is the Nature Reserve Pianelle, where you can spend days full of nature through different routes and green paths.

Since 1975 every year between July and August, Martina Franca hosts the famous Festival della Valle d’Itria: opera, symphonic music, ballet in the wonderful setting of the Ducal Palace and other magnificent location of the territory. The Festival has received numerous awards from critics for its high artistic value of his plays, as well as recognition of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers as a manifestation of international interest.

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Header image courtesy of mr. Mario Ricci.